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Delivering customer service on a whole new level 

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Morgana Prior 

General Manager: Brand, Marketing & Communication – Nambawan Super

Our challenge

As part of the rebrand underway, Nambawan knew that transitioning our members’ annual statements would require careful consideration and planning. Our goal was to produce informative, customer-centric documents that helped members actively plan for their retirement according to their stage in life. 


Our statements not only had to look good they had to work harder and smarter; be far more data-driven and personalised to each member. Plus, we had to find a way to ensure our members received their statements in a country that is turning to digital channels over post, that prefers PDF attachments in emails to clicking on links. To turn our vision into a reality we needed outside help. 


Why Airdocs


We chose Airdocs because we felt they understood our brief better and were confident in their ability to work fast and deliver in a timely manner. 


They also demonstrated they had the experience and the tools to generate the beautiful looking, easy to digest, highly customised statements we were looking for. With the sample data we sent them, they quickly proved their ability to segment and transform data, and to create complex templates with a lot of clever dynamic fields and wild cards. 


Their multi-channel delivery platform, Clever Correspondence, could easily handle the distribution of all statements via email and had powerful reporting. We could track and trace every statement sent, know where it was in the process and whether a member had opened theirs or not. 


Their pricing model was competitive too. To have all those systems and people in-house is not really core to our business, or our Fund Administrator. Using Airdocs' cloud-based platform simply made economic sense to us. 


A great result


In less than one month, Airdocs helped us lift our customer service capability to a whole new level. Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many thanking us for the improvements we have made to their statements and how much easier it is to receive them.

How we produce our annual member statements has changed completely for the better. Airdocs has opened our eyes to the different things we could do with our data and solved some of our data issues.


Nambawan Super Limited is the corporate trustee of the Nambawan Superannuation Fund, an Authorised Superannuation Fund, operating as an accumulation fund. They are the oldest fund operating in Papua New Guinea with over 200,000 members. 

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