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Giving customers a great banking experience 

Zvonko Balic_Black&White.png

Zvonko Balic

Chief Technology Officer

MyLife MyFinance

Our challenge

In 2018, MyLife MyFinance identified our banking proposition needed to change. We had to reshape the business to better align with market trends, customer expectations and a highly competitive market. 


We realised our current technology platforms simply would not support the growth and scale required to move forward. So, we embarked on a digital transformation programme to give our customers a great banking experience. New internet and mobile banking products and services, with self-service functionality, that put them in charge of their finances and suited their lifestyles. 


Why Airdocs


Airdocs was an important part of our transformation. Their multi-channel delivery platform, Clever Correspondence, gave our customers the power to choose how they received correspondence or notifications from us – SMS, email or paper. It was something we had not been able to do before with one vendor. 


We chose them because they were innovative and a good cultural fit. They had experienced people driving the business, the technology capability and their product was fit for purpose, easy to integrate and competitively priced. 


Nimble and agile in their approach, they understood the importance of incremental delivery to a niche bank. The typical ‘big bang’ approach favoured by traditional software vendors was not going to be fast enough for our aggressive timeframes. 


A great result


Execution was smooth. Airdocs were proactive, guiding us with insights and advice every step of the way and very accommodating and supportive of delays outside of their control. Plus, they were very responsive helping us to resolve issues without making a big deal. 


The reality is that with any technology project it does not matter how much planning you do, it is when things go wrong, that you really rely on the relationship and the people. As a material service provider to MyLife MyFinance, Airdocs lived up to our high expectations. 

With Airdocs, we've a very supportive provider. They have capable people with extensive experience, as well as great ideas and cool tech. Our implementation was best-in-class.


Established in 1971 as Transcomm Credit Union, MyLife MyFinance has grown into a niche customer-focused bank with a range of highly competitive products and services, including home and investment loans, savings and investment accounts. 

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