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Aiding clear communications & operational savings


Jerome Barrientos

Chief Technology Officer


Our challenge

A recent acquisition had made cost control a priority for myHomecare. Several streams of work were underway, and we had identified the call centre as an area of interest.

Our analysis showed calls increased every time we sent customers their monthly service statements. They told us our statements were sometimes difficult to understand. Staff said this was due to the manual way they were compiled and distributed.

Here was our opportunity to improve our care experience, create efficiencies within the business, and reduce costs in multiple areas from manpower to postage.


Why Airdocs


One of the key things that really stood out for us was the capability of Airdocs to deliver communications to our customers in a precise, reliable, and effective way.


The knowledge and experience of their people was evident during our discussions, as they addressed the challenges we faced with specific use-cases instead of a long list of product features and functions. Plus, they could give us everything we needed: delivery channels, reader accessibility, tracking and reporting tools. It would also be easy to build templates that used business rules, based on complex customer criteria, to generate statements.


A great result

Airdocs was a good fit and so easy to work with. It took less than 2 months to get into production with our new process and templates, and they were thorough. The savings in postage alone more than paid for the project and we were able to halve our running costs overnight.


Customers were delighted, telling us their statements were much easier to understand, accurate on services and spending, and contained promotional information that was relevant.


Staff were much happier too as the compilation and processing headaches around statement time vanished. Calls to the service centre dropped significantly and they now had visibility of where every statement was in its lifecycle.

Airdocs’ Clever Correspondence platform does not feel like a bunch of cobbled together products like other, more traditional vendors in the CCM space. It had been designed with organisations like ours in mind: to make it simple for us to create and deliver mass communications, customised to each person, and sent according to preference (e.g., digitally or in print).


Founded by three pioneering providers in home care, myHomecare connects ageing Australians to quality, personalised home care that helps them stay in home, and out of residential care, as long as possible.

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