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Complete control of customer correspondence

Our challenge

A recent rebrand meant a new look had to be applied to our clients’ tax invoices and statements and senior management were wary of the change. Previous experience had taught us that changing correspondence templates was complex, time-consuming, and caused a lot of stress to everyone involved in the process.


The mail house provider called the shots. Accuracy of individual statements couldn’t be checked prior to sending, adding attachments such as newsletters, condolence letters, or marketing materials required a different process, and it took three days to deliver anything. Plus, the volume of calls about mistakes in invoices or when statements would arrive was considerable. We needed a new approach.


Why Airdocs


From our first meeting with Airdocs, we saw their solution would give us complete, end-to-end control of the generation, delivery and management of our statements and invoices. We’d be able to implement changes to templates in minutes, review changes, check for accuracy, customise content and include attachments. Being cloud-based, it was very cost-effective too.


Not only were they flexible, but their Clever Correspondence platform would also handle delivery over digital, SMS and postal channels and track every piece of correspondence sent. Even though they had their own mail house partners, they would integrate with our existing provider. Everything was automated, there was reporting and life would be much easier for everyone including our clients.


A great result

We’ve been thrilled with what we’ve achieved with Airdocs. Now it only takes us a single day to prepare and distribute more than 8000 invoices and statements. We’ve saved ourselves five days' labour each month, our mailing costs have come down considerably, and the call centre receives far fewer queries from clients and can resolve many of them themselves. Everything is sent on time, in one email or letter, and tailored to individual clients according to their profile. Airdocs has even helped us clean up our data.

Note: This case study is published as anonymous to protect & respect the Heatlhcare Provider's privacy. 

Airdocs helps us put the health, wellbeing and independence of our residents front and center.

This residential aged care provider believes quality care for their clients is about providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere for them and their families. They manage 80 residential aged care homes, located in metro and regional areas in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Example of the Resident Tax Invoice & Statement

Before Statement Mock-up.jpg
Before Airdocs
After Statement Mock-up
After Airdocs

The implemented benefits

Empty After Statement Mock-up.jpg
Without dynamic messages

A, B,C: Dynamic messages based on each client's individual status & replaced additional letters used in the past.

After Statement Mock-up.jpg
With dynamic messages


D: Send multiple statements in 1 communication. They are differentiated by color.

E: Include your marketing materials, such as video clips and live links.


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