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A solid foundation for better client care

Meni Kritikos

Managing Director at Eremea

Our challenge

Eremea was experiencing rapid growth. Uptake of existing Home Care services and demand for new ones meant we were outgrowing the manual processes used to produce our client statements. Spreadsheets were used to track expenses and do calculations and the third party that generated our statements was raising the red flag. The way we were doing things just wasn’t sustainable anymore.


To remain relevant in our heavily regulated and competitive market, we had to be better, more innovative and effective as a business. Spend less money on admin, invest more in client servicing, and provide clients with a better bang for their buck. Clients don't want to pay providers for pushing around paper.

Why Airdocs

Investment in AlayaCare, the software solution we use to manage our back-office administration workforce and client care, was already paying off. But we were struggling to get their statement functionality to meet our needs, or to generate statements that we would be satisfied sending to our clients. So, they introduced us to Airdocs whose Clever Correspondence platform already interfaced with theirs.

Airdocs recognized that we had a vision and were quick to adopt new innovations that would help us achieve it. Their thinking was aligned with ours, they were flexible, took an agile approach, and their whole team had a great work ethic. We chose them as our partner because of the impression they made on us. They are not a typical SaaS company.

Their platform functionality ticked all the boxes too. It was flexible enough to deal with delivery preferences (a lot of our clients still like to receive statements in the post) and move us into the digital era with email and SMS sending capability. After the initial configuration, statement creation was easy, and we had the ability to change information on the fly if we needed to.


A great result

Having Airdocs as one of our digital partners has really helped us to innovate and be better at what we do. We started with client statements, then tackled our client schedules and now we use their Clever Agreements software for our client agreements.

Our frontline support workers sign up clients while they are with them assessing their needs. They can produce and send an individualised agreement straightaway, and the information goes into our system at the same time. It's so fast, cost effective and efficient for us to operate this way.

They’ve helped us add so much value to our business – for our clients – and given us a solid foundation for the future.

“When you engage with Airdocs it's a conversation about you. What you’re trying to do and how they can best serve you. It's about ‘How can we help?’ and ‘Let's find a way.’ It's energetic and always solution focused.”

“In a heavily regulated market, Airdocs has helped us to create more value for our clients. We spend less money on admin, invest more in their services, and provide them with a better bang for their buck.”

Founded in 2002, Eremea is a family-owned company that provides the highest standard of home health care services to clients. Our support workers are culturally diverse and often bilingual to make life better for the people we care for and bring peace of mind and support to everyone involved.

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