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Clever Agreements

So much more than words

The simpler, risk free way of creating client agreements on the fly.

Experience what it means to automate and control the entire process of generating, customising, delivering and maintaining every legal agreement you have with your customers.


  • Faster client activation and shorter time to revenue

  • Staff free to edit sections without affecting contractual integrity or company branding

  • Automatic calculation of fees and graphical insights

  • Visibility of where every document is in the lifecycle and the power to track and trace

  • ‘Customer first’ approach with electronic signatures and accessible documents for the vision impaired


It’s no surprise that recent DocuSign research found that 59% of sales managers say agreement preparation takes way too long. Now, there’s a better way to get sales agreements ready for customer signature.

DocuSign Contributor (2019, April 2). 'Do Your Sales Reps Spend More Time Preparing Contracts Than Closing Deals?' DocuSign Blog.

Empower your employees. Strike the perfect balance between giving them editing control and protecting document integrity

Good news for you!

Clever Agreements are generated using the Airdocs Clever Correspondence platform. A cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution that automates the creation, delivery and tracking of perfectly branded, legally correct and compliant customer correspondence. They also seamlessly integrate with the leading providers of digital signature technology and accessibility tools, including the ones you might already use.

Clever Agreements lifecycle

Document generation





Experience the benefit of

Editing, branding & content control

Electronic signature

Accessibility enabled agreements

Dynamically generated agreements based on business rules & conditions

Customisation without risk

Documents managed with software, not shared drives

Document tracking & lifecyle reporting

Your choice

Bring your own electronic signature and mailhouse providers
Use our electronic signature and mailhouse providers
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