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Are you looking for a quick way to create & deliver your priority communications?

Experience what it means to simply create a letter and distribute it via your channel of choice from your own workstation, with full brand consistency. With Clever Letters at your fingertips, you can send priority communication on the fly when you need it most.

Clever Letters

The simple way to create letters on the fly

You are in control

Develop your own communications
Deliver communications to large lists via email or print
Ensure brand consistency
Save 100% on editing costs

Good news for you!

Clever Letters are generated using the Airdocs Clever Correspondence platform. A cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution that automates the creation, delivery and tracking of perfectly branded and compliant customer correspondence, seamlessly integrating with email and a number of mail houses.

Clever Letters lifecycle

Compose letter

Setup recipient list

(Excel list)

Process & check

Send email, deliver print file to mailhouse or local print

Use Clever Letters for any important correspondence

Covid-19 or lockdown notifications

Important events & reminders

Urgent work notifications

Change of circumstances notifications

Focused marketing letters


Experience the benefit to your business

Immediate communications on the fly

Brand consistency

Automated compliance

Operational efficiency

Happy clients with better client communications

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