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Here's an exec summary of Adobe's report on the evolution of email marketing. Click here for the full report.

At 12:33 EDT on May 3, 1978, Gary Thuerk sent an email that later earned him the title “Father of Spam” (although understandably, he prefers to be called the “Father of E-marketing”). Thuerk, then a marketing manager for computer company Digital Equipment Corporation, sent a mass email inviting recipients to one of two West Coast product demos for a new line of computers.

Today, 38 years later Thuerk’s first campaign, email dominates marketing channels. It boasts the broadest reach, the lowest cost, the easiest measurability, and the highest conversion rates and ROI. Some 91 percent of marketing executives call email the single most effective channel for driving revenue

But never mind the marketing executives: Your customers are addicted to email, even in a world where new digital, social, and mobile channels spring to life every month. They suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and treat it by checking email round the clock, spending a whopping 6.3 hours each weekday on average. They check personal email at work and work email at home. They check email when they wake up, before they go to bed, at dinner with friends, at the movies, and in the bathroom, all on mobile devices. Millennials check email more frequently than any other group, and 88 percent regularly use a smartphone to do so.

Marketers who are making a mark are moving in a new direction—one focused on listening and reacting to customers, not on pushing products and promotions. And customers love
it. Email campaigns based on customer-centric versus product-centric strategies present a huge opportunity. These emails not only achieve significantly higher conversion rates, but they can drive a 4x increase in incremental revenue. So how can you launch your email marketing program into a successful and satisfying future? Marketers today have the advantage of compelling data drawn from umpteen sources, tools that can make emails seem custom-built for the recipient, and team members with the words “customer experience” right in their titles.

If you’re not already running a mature email marketing program, you now know what’s possible. And you may think you have time to grow, given that over half of email marketers are still using the “classic” model. So if your emails can still be described as batch-and-blast instead of target-and-tantalize, you need to pivot.

1. Start with a vision, a leader who supports you and a team with the necessary skills.

Make sure you’re bolstered by an organizational structure that encourages cross-channel collaboration. Then invest in tools that unite your team and produce operational efficiencies.

2. Integrate your data across channels.

Tie together information via your customer’s email address. Once you’ve tapped the in-house data, look outside to fill in the blanks.

3. Send emails that your customer wants to receive. 

Focus on providing content relevant to the customer, whether you’ve determined what she wants through cross-channel behavior, account preferences, or lookalike modeling. And don’t forget that frequency does not build a relationship—good experiences do.

Greg Twemlow, AIRDOCS CEO, commented. "Determine which channels drive conversion. If email is part of a customer conversation, it’s tempting for email marketers to take credit for every conversion that results. But that could keep you from understanding what channels drive your customers."

At AIRDOCS we believe CMOs need a multi-channel strategy personalized for the individual customer. Because to optimize engagement you must deliver relevant content to the customers' preferred channel. The AIRDOCS Channel Dashboard provides the metrics to answer that all important question - what was the RoI of the campaign?

For more information or to request a demo please visit http://www.airdocs.io/

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