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Global Value of Customer Communications Management (CCM) to Rise to USD $79B by 2018

As part of the Customer Engagement Technologies (CET) advisory service, InfoTrends ( has sized and forecasted the global retail value of digital print and electronic customer communications. The retail value represents the average price each end user will pay to commercial providers for each of the messages produced.

The value of customer communications is impacted by three key global trends:

Transition from transactional to promotional communications. Marketers increasingly acknowledge the potential of transactional communications to cultivate their relationships with individual customers and take over ownership of customer communications. Transactional data can contain valuable details about individual customers, such as behavioral patterns and spending details. Marketers want to leverage this data for better targeted promotional messages.

The move from print to electronic communications. Our research confirms the ongoing trend of declining print delivery and increasing electronic delivery across all global markets. For example, we found that bill and statement print-only distribution will decline 17% by 2017 and electronic-only distribution will grow 13% in the same period.
(Source: CET State of the Market; InfoTrends, 2015)

The transition from monochrome to full color printing. This transition is driven by several trends in production printing. The increase of so-called “white paper factories,” where digital presses output full color pages from white paper to eliminate offset pre-prints, is driving growth in digital color presses. We also see an increase in the use of variable color in promotional messages to improve the impact of personalized print. Finally, the lowering running cost of full color digital inkjet production printing and the rising quality of it makes it affordable today.

For this forecast, we defined customer communications as messages that organizations send to their customers and prospects to promote or advertise their offerings (“promotional messages”) or to inform them about business transactions (“transactional messages”). We measured the communications in impressions. For print, this is expressed in A4/U.S. letter page equivalents; for electronic messages, it is the number of actual messages that were sent.

Using data from multiple studies and combined with in-depth desk research, the value of the global customer communications market was found to be USD $62B in 2015. We expect this market to grow 6.9% annually to USD $79B in 2018.

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