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Aussie Venture AIRDOCS and the Cloud Make CCM Easy and Affordable

New CCM Solution Halves Costs Yet Simplifies and Expands Long-Term Customer Engagement

AIRDOCS solves old CCM issues of compatibility, cost, flexibility and proprietary platforms via the Cloud with Software as a Service.

Sydney, Australia – Oct. 24, 2016 – Commonly known as CCM, Customer Communications Management has defeated many businesses. Costs have traditionally been hefty, flexibility limited and compatibility with the ever-broadening range of mobile devices hit or miss. Digital transformation company AIRDOCS, however, is bypassing traditional and often cumbersome methodologies with smart new software as a service (SaaS) strategies. Taking CCM to the cloud promises low costs, robust flexibility, ease of use and – most important – seamless omni-channel customer engagement for businesses both great and small.

“For perhaps the first time, company size and legacy systems no longer determine who will be successful in engaging customers,” Greg Twemlow, AIRDOC’s experienced CEO, says. In the past, the power of CCM resided only with those companies large enough and profitable enough to support full suites of on-premises hardware, proprietary software and dedicated information technology (IT) professionals. “Until now, companies have had to pour significant resources into performing duplicative tasks for numerous separate CCM distribution systems. What AIRDOCS is doing makes all of that irrelevant with one easy-to-access Cloud platform.”

AIRDOCS replaces costly in-house departmental investments and upgrades with simple, pay-as-you-go subscription pricing. For clients, that means AIRDOCS becomes their IT department as well as customer communications designer and omni-channel distributor. Marketing and administrative management and reporting are natural components of the process, and it’s all mobile. “Engagement vehicles are not only rich,” Twemlow says. “They’re also highly personalized for both businesses and their clients. It’s all measurable, seamless, secure and about half the cost of traditional CCM. The good news is that the path to competitive advantage requires minimal IT resources. All of these advantages are available through the AIRDOCS cloud.”

Instead of scrambling among repetitive, duplicative and often incompatible stovepipe-type systems, AIRDOCS has developed a streamlined CCM solution that easily keeps pace with modern business and social media technologies. Its Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides vital security and redundancy while offering easy integration with enterprise systems like Microsoft Dynamics, the Avaloq Banking System, SAP’s NetWeaver or Oracle’s Fusion, for example.

“The business-financial world has already acknowledged just how powerful digital transformation can be,” Twemlow points out. Companies leverage technology for everything from collaboration, sales, deliveries and accounting to resource exploitation and international expansion. “They’re also realizing that they need that same level of interaction and care with their customers because if they don't their competitors will.” Those customer expectations are noted for putting pressure on businesses to innovate. The Internet of Things, social media and convenient mobile apps are constantly refining consumers’ digital tastes. Both potential and acquired customers have become shopping connoisseurs in search of concierge-level digital interaction. Under the right circumstances, those same individuals yield up a wealth of measurable data – analytics – and access to unlimited networks of friends and followers. “Executed poorly, Twemlow warns, "sloppy or inadequate CCM can result in costly failure. Done well, intelligent CCM can make even the smallest business the next big thing.”

Interestingly, conservative brick-and-mortar institutions like banking and insurance now dwell on the Web along with their wealth of sensitive data. Already, they’re exploring how to best balance growing demands for optimal customer interface with their own needs for still bigger data. As even conservative financial services companies go friendly, they raise the CCM bar for everyone else still higher.

“Like many other major players, they’re turning to mobile, on-cloud CCM applications,” Twemlow confirms. “They recognize that customer engagement is much more than simply staying in touch. It’s something we all intuitively know, but not all companies had the resources to attempt it. That’s what makes AIRDOCS special. We are the resource. Whatever the scale, whatever the industry, whatever the level, we offer a CCM starting point for companies that see their future built on the power of customer engagement.”

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AIRDOCS is making customized, effective CCM strategies accessible for every entrepreneur. Co-founder James McLeman has more than 20 years of experience in high-volume document management, digital transformation and legacy-cloud integration. CEO Greg Twemlow has more than 25 years in advising international companies on adapting big data and financial resources to cutting-edge technologies. For more information, call us at +61 2 8294 8394, or visit our website to request our cloud CCM white paper. Whether you want to enhance customer experience, streamline operations or create profitable new business models, AIRDOCS brings the cloud to you.

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