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AIRDOCS Platform Making Video Messaging Personalized and Interactive

Answering Business’ Call for Customized Engagement Through Video and the Cloud

Sydney, Australia–March 8, 2017

Marketing tech provider AIRDOCS is turning views into clicks by making video messaging personalized and interactive. Its new cloud-based platform is agile, robust technology that crosses all channels end to end, from digital and mobile to print. Focus is on helping businesses design, create and deliver complex offers and concepts through the most compelling, effective and preferred media vehicle available today—personalized video messaging.

Geared to generations steeped in tech, video media is key in creating and growing both personal and customer relationships. For companies anxious to improve CCM—customer communications management—it’s the latest marketing frontier. Video already makes up nearly three-quarters of all Internet traffic, and tech conglomerate Cisco projects that figure to near 80 percent within the next three years. Estimates of the total number of video messages sent in 2016 range from tens to hundreds of millions. What each send represents to businesses, however, is the likelihood of a response, customer conversion and exponential viral sharing far exceeding that of links and text combined.

For AIRDOCS CEO Greg Twemlow, progression to video messaging that is not only customized to each client but also interacts with them in real time is a “logical and highly anticipated next step” in the company’s approach to software as a service (SaaS). The Aussie startup took to the cloud last year, providing clients with secure yet flexible omni-channel CCM designed to boost customer interest, conversion and retention. Now, ILIVEIT adds video to the AIRDOCS SaaS tool set as another readily accessible commercial resource for small and large businesses alike.

Customer engagement and CCM have become a constantly adapting technical science full of objectives, analytics and key performance indicators. However, communications with video stand out. “Emails, SMS messages and other media that include video get substantially higher clicks,” Twemlow says, “while those without it are at a disadvantage.”

As for skeptics, statistics support his observation. An Implix Marketing Survey found that videos in email increase click-through rates on introductory communications by more than 95 percent. Eyeview Digital reported an 80-percent increase in conversion rates for landing pages with video versus those without. Brainshark estimates that about 65 percent of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video. Wistia vouches that for at least the first 30 seconds, a video will retain a full 80 percent of its viewers.

Meanwhile, more than half of all marketing professionals worldwide already recognize video as the content with the best return on investment, or ROI. Twemlow cites the figures. “For every $140 you spend on outside sales, every $10 or so that you spend on a phone call, video will cost you $1. Yet we’ve seen video messaging surpass other success rates by over 90 percent.”

While video is the new standard, in-house CCM strategies—especially video—can be both prohibitively expensive and risky for many companies. Video demands greater capabilities, from storage, bandwidth and on-demand availability to quality, meta data and security concerns. Video has to be meaningful. It also has to be deliverable and viewable for all users on the full range of devices, systems and channels. “Add analytics reporting and analysis,” Twemlow says, “and many companies find their in-house capabilities outclassed.”

In answer to the bottom line, the Video-as-a-Service approach provides businesses with a centralized, single point for their personalized, interactive marketing initiatives. AIRDOCS provides end-to-end campaign services, from design and creation to dissemination and comprehensive reporting on results. Encryption protects all data—project assets, videos, personalization records and analytics, for example—in transit and at rest. Compression keeps it all flowing, optimized and encrypted for the rendering pipeline.

Greg Twemlow explains,"With SaaS and the cloud, video messaging gives any company a high-yield strategy to concentrate on the metrics that matter.” Increasing brand awareness, keeping customers engaged, generating leads, making sales and retaining loyal customers are the top priorities for every business. In the past, CCM was a burden even for large corporations. Instead, innovative SaaS solutions like AIRDOCS make slick, cutting-edge CCM accessible to everyone. “And that’s the point,” Twemlow says. “Understanding how to leverage the space, power and services available through the cloud is a tremendous marketing equalizer.”

About AIRDOCS - CCM hosted in the Microsoft AZURE cloud

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AIRDOCS is making customized, interactive marketing strategies accessible for every organization through CCM as a service and SaaS with the strongest data security of Microsoft AZURE. AIRDOCS specializes in ensuring that marketing messages are functionally designed, personalized, actionable and delivered via the customer’s preferred channel. The company specializes in creating dynamic and compelling content, packaging and distributing it to the customer base, making it available across any device and ensuring it displays correctly for the best possible user experience.

About AIRDOCS CEO, Greg Twemlow 

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