AIRDOCS Licensed by FIS Global to provide CSF Designer Suite via the Cloud

AIRDOCS Global adds FIS' CSF Designer software suite to cloud-based SaaS and CCM services, bringing Australian and New Zealand businesses access to dynamic document composition solutions.

SYDNEY, Australia–May 22nd, 2017–AIRDOCS Global is taking an industrial-strength document composition system and making it available in the cloud. In an Australian first, small to medium-sized companies will finally gain ready access to world-leading CCM technology—the CSF Designer composition system. AIRDOCS will be the FIS-licensed partner helping leverage the capabilities of CSF Designer Suite and equalizing the playing field.

For mid-sized businesses, traditional CCM—customer communication management—has been a major cost hurdle. Only companies with extensive financial and departmental resources could master the disparate elements of document composition necessary for a professional CCM package. The AIRDOCS cloud-based delivery of CSF Designer, however, gives every business—from startup to large corporate—a one-stop, omni-channel provider that is both highly skilled and effectively affordable.

AIRDOCS CEO Greg Twemlow goes straight to the heart of the matter. “When FIS engineered CSF Designer, it didn’t create just one solitary add-on tool. This is a powerful, easy-to-use open pool of dynamic composition technology. It’s virtually breaking down barriers and bringing opportunity to every player in the business community.”

CSF Designer is actually a suite of software centered on a full-service premise of “Create It, Display It, Pay It.” It includes CSF’s DesignerWeb, Re@ltime, FasTest and Designer Intuition. Together, the pieces comprise a highly responsive, on-demand graphics-design-publishing-marketing-customer-service-IT powerhouse that serves the needs of business owners, clients and the bonds linking them.

AIRDOCS is an agile, omni-channel system able to translate everything from fonts and colors to complex graphics and data groupings while delivering them flawlessly to any medium or device instantly, on-demand. Organizations can design, create, edit and collaborate on all customer communications securely and virtually from any location. Meanwhile, the system ensures all documents adhere to established business rules, priorities and milestone dates.

“For clients, it’s just as responsive and personalized,” Twemlow says. “It can fulfill ad-hoc customer inquiries as easily as it generates and delivers recurring interactive documents.” Each interaction is distinctively branded yet appropriately customized, optimized and tracked. Through AIRDOCS, businesses can target every part of their virtual real estate to achieve consistent customer engagement, conversion and retention.

AIRDOCS CCM protocols ensure clients always receive communications through their preferred channel of delivery via an online device or printed hard copy. Common scenarios include CMO's launching upsell campaigns, customers requesting reports on critical account information and customer service representatives generating follow-up correspondence for customer engagement.

With extensive experience in providing cloud-based services for high-volume document management, composition and publishing, AIRDOCS is a logical partner for FIS as well as mid-sized companies and corporations alike. Twemlow points out, “We’re well-versed in issues of security, scaleability, the art of integrating new technology into existing workflows and designing for growth.”

CSF Designer was created to save companies money and time while enabling them to compete on even footing. “So when it comes to leverage and ROI,” Twemlow says, “a CSF Designer partnership with AIRDOCS offers all companies an unbeatable return on their investment.”


Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AIRDOCS Global is making customized, interactive marketing strategies accessible for every entrepreneur through cloud-based CCM as a service. A CSF Designer-licensee, AIRDOCS specializes in ensuring that marketing messages are functionally designed, personalized, actionable and delivered via the customer’s preferred channel. The AIRDOCS motto, "making every customer communication engagingly relevant in terms of message, medium and moment", is making Mass intimacy™possible for all B2C companies.

About FIS Global

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States, Fidelity National Information Services is a leading international provider of technology for the financial services industry. Its CSF Designer software suite is accessible only through select licensed and contracted firms.

Media Contact:

Name: Greg Twemlow

Phone: +61 412 555 416


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