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AIRDOCS Launches New Cloud CCM Solution and Appoints CEO

Digital transformation expert AIRDOCS brings on CEO Greg Twemlow to launch secure cloud-based CCM business services designed to enhance client retention

Sydney, Australia – Oct. 17, 2016 – Digital transformation expert AIRDOCS is taking customer communication management, or CCM, to the cloud. The Australian company now provides the ultimate communications interface between businesses and their customers and has brought on CEO Greg Twemlow to oversee deployment of its new software as a service, or SaaS, solution to client loyalty and retention.

Engaging customers through meaningful communications has become the priority concern of businesses both large and small. To put a finer edge on the problem, on-demand personalization has become the prime catalyst for customer response. Past strategies have been grounded in on-premise systems, proprietary formats and constant updates – factors that hindered the timeliness, adaptability and versatility so vital to successful marketing campaigns. However, this tech company overcomes all of those challenges with its new SaaS CCM solution that delivers the key benefits of greatly improved customer engagement along with substantial cost savings.

“Customers are approaching us with a more holistic, long term vision,” its new CEO explains. “It’s no longer about how do I get the next campaign out of the door. It’s about how do I put in place the right tools so I can talk to whoever I need to, in whatever way my customer wants me to.”

Meanwhile, Twemlow maintains that certain truths remain. Businesses need to be able to track their customers. Businesses must have a brand identity. They must have messages worth conveying and an effective, secure way of delivering them. Perhaps most important, however, is that businesses need to be able to assess the impact of those messages.

Complicating the challenge of engaging customers is the fact that consumers have so many ways of communicating and so many devices on which to do it. Desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and whatever else the market has in store all come with their own operating systems, their own apps and the intricacies of interacting through constantly evolving social media outlets. The result, Twemlow points out, is that “we end up with at least seven different types of output we’re trying to accommodate – print copy, email, the Web, messaging, social media, video and now even bots – and we want to track customer response to all of it.”

Insurers, banks and wealth managers, utilities, property managers, real estate companies and governmental agencies are but a few of the bodies that use online customer communication not only for marketing and sales but also for legally binding, contractual agreements, complete with signed documentation. “With so much at stake,” Twemlow asks, “why would you ever allow well-meaning amateurs to manage the CCM function?”.

With all of that in mind, AIRDOCS built its platform on Microsoft’s .NET development stack, stores data in redundant secure locations and delivers it in real-time format via Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Businesses no longer have to purchase software licenses, maintain costly in-house infrastructure and be responsible for complex information technology processes. At the same time, the AIRDOCS platform “employs the strongest data security measures available anywhere.” The end product is a customized, flexible architecture, “one,” Twemlow promises, “that lets businesses focus on what’s really important to them – brand loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and profitability – through engaging customers on their terms.”


Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AIRDOCS helps businesses create, deliver, store and retrieve outbound customer communications via the cloud and comprehensive SaaS strategies. Co-founder James McLeman has more than 15 years of experience in high-volume document management, digital transformation and legacy-cloud integration. CEO Greg Twemlow has more than 25 years in advising international companies on how to apply cutting-edge technologies to big data and financial interests. For more information on how to use digital technology and the cloud to enhance customer experience, streamline operations or create profitable new business models, visit the website at or read Twemlow’s article, 

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