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Be the 10x Marketer

We have to break the habit of rushing into solution-mode...Creative tension starts with research. “Supposing is good, finding out is better” — so said the patron Saint of UX, Mark Twain


If we design solutions based solely on past experience, it's a lazy approach and borderline immoral as we're highly likely to use old learnings from former projects for previous clients without understanding our current client's business problems and their customer's problems. To truly solve problems, the process of solution design must start with the intention of finding out the correct answer to the correct problem. You owe it to yourself, and your company, to break out of the old, comfortable habits.

"For your sake and that of your career, set yourself the goal of becoming a 10x Marketer. You'll be truly setting yourself apart from the great bulk of your peers".

I've set out below the 8 key competencies of a 10x Marketer. You could perform a quick exercise and rank yourself against each competency, then make a plan to improve until you can truthfully state, "I'm a 10x marketer". And why not use that on your resume?

1. Agility

One of the hallmarks of an agile software team is a continuous, transparent feedback loop across development and operations – a culture known as DevOps. A truly agile marketing team will have a similar collaborative culture – ‘MarkOps’, if you will – for rapidly identifying and solving problems.

2. Testing NOT Perfection

The agile marketer has to monitor, analyze and, crucially, adapt. Real-time marketing means real-time adapting – not ‘today’ or ‘this week’. Now. You can’t a afford to be committed to solving a problem when more urgent and important factors emerge. The goal is test often and don't aim for "perfection". Move faster than your competition.

3. Technology

Digital marketing tools empower agile marketers to respond instantly to change and run quick iterations, with the data telling you what works for your customers – and for your organization. If your company can't supply the technology you need to be Agile, then get what you need from the Cloud. SaaS is a 10xMarketer's best friend.

4. Data is King

By constantly conducting and analyzing numerous small experiments, you can gain true insight into what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to evolve your strategy as the landscape changes. Your tech toolkit has to include capturing engagement data. Once you have the data there are loads of easy ways to analyze and gain insights.

5. Prioritize

You can't solve all the problems, there are typically just too many, so prioritize and tackle those that could deliver the greatest return. The decisions on priorities are subjective for everyone, so find a process to allow all stakeholders to have their views heard. A really simple solution: use and survey stakeholders on what gets prioritized. A great and fast way to set the priorities for your Agile sprints.

6. Embrace Sprints

One of the key principles of agile software development is the idea of ‘continuous delivery’. It’s a contrast to the old way of struggling for months or years to deliver a complete and perfect application that’s out of date by launch. Iteration, not perfection, is a good watchword for the agile marketer. It means having lots of ideas, the means to test them quickly, monitor the results and and make relevant decisions to prevent future problems. Each idea becomes a sprint.

7. Always Optimize

You hypothesize the changes have solved the problem but could be optimized by testing iterations. You have two choices.

1. Don’t test and move to the next project

2. Test and squeeze all remaining value from your work

This is where the principle of A/B, or multivariate testing really comes into its own. Real-time testing of two or more options is an unbeatable way to understand which option has the greatest impact in terms of meeting KPIs.

8. Prepare to Fail

One of the most important aspects of running an Agile Mark-ops team is embracing a culture of "fail-fast". The brilliant-sounding idea might work, on the other hand what if it fails? Better to have an environment and culture that tolerates failure as long as there are learnings and it happens fast. That’s why we hate ‘best practice’. It means doing what everyone else is doing. It means toeing the line and being six months behind the curve – and feeling comfortable there.

Like some help with establishing your 10x Marketer team? Please get in touch.

Article by Greg Twemlow, CEO, AIRDOCS Global - read more at

About Greg Twemlow: An accomplished CEO, I combine technical depth with business savvy and creative flair and an ability to think analytically. Extensive international experience transforming non-performing businesses.

CEO of AIRDOCS Global, a one-stop Cloud solution for all digital and print forms of personalized communications. If you want to treat every single customer with the personal care they deserve then we should talk.

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