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Statements that are 1000 times better

Sandip Pinnawalage

Head of Product at Australian Ethical

Our challenge

Ethical and sustainable investing is what we do at Australian Ethical. We believe that the more people we can encourage to take control of their financial wellbeing in this way, the more positive and significant changes we can create for families, communities and the planet. 

We had just been through a major rebrand and needed to overhaul our superannuation statements. More than applying new branding, messaging and layouts to a set of transactions and balances, we really wanted to bring our statements to life, to be more transparent with our clients and expand the depth and breadth of our reporting on our Sustainability goals. We wanted clients to know and understand exactly how their money was making a difference in the world.


Why Airdocs


We chose Airdocs because they had experience in our industry, and could do everything we wanted in the timeframe we required. Designing and building our new very visual statement template, handling the customisation and impact information rendering required for each client, and managing all the delivery and distribution channels.


Their cloud-based Clever Correspondence platform would provide the most cost-effective way for us to achieve what we wanted. Plus, the way their team worked together to prepare their proposal, gave us the confidence that they would be able to achieve things that other providers wouldn’t. They were outcome driven, efficient and methodical in everything they did; and highly creative in their thinking.


A great result

Airdocs proved to be the right choice. They were quick, very accommodating of the back and forth with legal and disclaimers and simply put, they understood how we operated. They brought our idea to life without any issues. 


We've had so much positive feedback from clients. Things like, “My statement is 1000 times better than anything I’ve ever received from other fund providers. I can see exactly how my money matters and where it's making a difference."

Airdocs have done such an excellent job we’ll continue to use them and look at which of our other statements we can get them to reinvent next.

They were integral to the creation of our new statement, to us being able to show clients that their money matters and can make a difference in the world.

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Australian Ethical is Australia’s leading ethical investment manager. Since 1986, they have provided investors with wealth management products that align with their values and deliver strong returns. As of 30 June 2021, they have over $6bn in funds under management across managed funds and superannuation.

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