• AIRDOCS integrates best-of-breed CCM components in a micro-services SaaS architecture providing complete flexibility with multi-channel delivery. AIRDOCS integrates with important functions such as Docusign for electronic signatures:

    1. Reducing costs - we help you work with fewer vendors. AIRDOCS can typically replace 4 vendors and reduce costs by around 30%.
    2. Offering a multi-channel distribution network - we send your messages via regular mail, email, sms, video, customer document portal or however works best for your customers.
    3. Storing documents - we make document archival and retrieval simple and secure.
    4. Monitor campaigns in real-time - the Administration portal gives you full oversight of campaign data ensuring our clients are in control.

    AIRDOCS approach to customer communications recognized as a leading SaaS by Asia CIO Outlook magazine


    AIRDOCS solution infographic

  • AIRDOCS Automated Intelligent Relevance

    is the Smart Way to Start


    Fast PoCs

    Use AIRDOCS to rapidly create demonstrations and test innovative ideas that makes it easy to get stakeholder buy-in.


    Single Process

    Single document process such as a welcome pack, statement or contract delivered to digital channels and/or print&post.


    Multiple Processes

    Multiple document processes such as invoices, billing, renewals delivered to digital channels and/or print&post.


    Go Digital Now

    AIRDOCS can slash your costs by moving you away from print to personalized digital messages - HTML, PDF, Video.


    "In the current on-demand climate that we live in, immediate and consistently high-quality messaging delivered in the format customers prefer, is a crucial competitive advantage for businesses, as it’s the easiest way to strengthen customer relationships. " - Greg Twemlow, CEO, AIRDOCS Global ​

    AIRDOCS - how Mass Intimacy gets you closer to your customers

    APAC CIO award to Greg Twemlow, CEO, AIRDOCS Global

    AIRDOCS - awarded by APAC CIO Outlook

  • Azure Cloud Architecture

    Making every customer communication engagingly relevant in terms of message, medium and moment. Customer Messaging powered byAutomated Intelligent Relevance

  • AIRDOCS Strengthens Customer Relationships

    How individuals engage with businesses has evolved and companies that don’t meet people on their terms get left behind. The majority of stakeholders in your business want communication that is delivered on-demand (or as close to on-demand as possible) and in the format of their choice, which is almost always digital. “Convenience” is the word of the day for business communications. If you can make your communication convenient for people while still keeping it relevant and engaging to them, they’ll respond positively. 

    AIRDOCS Global logo


    Automated Intelligent Relevance (A.I.R.)

    Compared to old and complex customer communications management software, AIRDOCS:

    1. Enables quicker implementation of new communication initiatives.
    2. Provides instant responsiveness to new marketing projects.
    3. Saves you up to 50% on operating costs of your customer communications.
    AIRDOCS logo

    Comprehensive Communications

    Fully functional customer communications management

    AIRDOCS fulfills all of your customer communications requirements, engaging customers and satisfying their ever-increasing expectations.

    Business Empowerment


    AIRDOCS gives our clients the power to create, edit and manage messaging content, removing the costs and long timelines of customer communication projects.

    Software as a Service

    the strongest available data security

    The AIRDOCS CCM platform runs on Microsoft's AZURE Cloud and is available wherever AZURE operates ensuring data is secure and sovereign.

    Shift CAPEX to OPEX

    SET YOUR Budget based on document volumes

    Apply operational budgets to the subscription costs of the AIRDOCS Software as a Service platform. Prepare budgets based on document creation/delivery volumes and only ever pay for what you use.

    Guaranteed RoI

    all the risk is removed

    For proactively engaging with us, AIRDOCS will guarantee your RoI by offering pricing that ensures you achieve your goals.

  • Ready to get started?

    Every document, email, text message, statement, contract or push notification you send is all part of the larger, ongoing conversation with your customer. Turn to AIRDOCS when your needs outgrow your capabilities. We'll help you succeed with our multi-channel, next generation communications cloud platform for unprecedented deployment flexibility and complete control over communications.

    20 Bond St Sydney NSW Australia
    Business hours Mon-Fri
    +61 2 8294 8394
  • Case Study

    Hospitals Contribution Fund

    a leading AUSTRALIAN health insurer

    Moving to AIRDOCS allowed HCF to create a highly personalized customer experience for its 700,000 policyholders in a streamlined and cost effective way. Read more....

  • About A.I.R.DOCS Global

    Automated Intelligent Relevance

    Making every customer communication engagingly relevant in terms of message, medium and moment.

    AIRDOCS is an Australian company operating globally from the Microsoft Azure cloud, founded by customer communications experts. We simplify and expedite the design, creation and delivery of customer communications projects. AIRDOCS ensures every message you provide to your customers is functionally designed, personalized, actionable and delivered via the customer's preferred channel.


    Relationships are the bedrock of business and customer service. At the heart of every strong relationship is communication. Yet, as communication technology has evolved, companies have traded relevance for convenience at every turn. It's never been easier to send a message and it's never been harder to be heard. AIRDOCS is here to bring the personal sense of face-to-face conversation to digital communication. We believe that communicating more easily doesn't have to result in a loss in meaning, transparency, or continuity. We know that our platform can help organizations connect with their customers more deeply than ever.


    AIRDOCS is a Software as a Service platform that eliminates the traditional problems you face with large scale on-premises solutions. With our AZURE hosted Cloud platform we leverage your data to deliver rich, engaging and compelling communications. Content is held in a single, secure location and the management of data processing, marketing and distribution rules is fast and simple.


    The AIRDOCS platform was designed to deliver Automated Intelligent Relevance to maximize engagement. AIRDOCS operates in the Microsoft AZURE Cloud and employs state-of-the-art data security architecture. AIRDOCS meets and surpasses the most stringent penetration testing. We have a culture of strong privacy principles and leading security practices that govern our approach to helping protect customer information. This approach has been informed by years of experience in dealing with, and responding to, a wide range of data security issues. The AIRDOCS Application Security Layer is built on Microsoft's AZURE security foundations.

  • Executive Profiles

    People behind AIRDOCS.

    Greg Twemlow

    Greg Twemlow


    An accomplished CEO, Greg combines technical depth with business savvy & creative flair and an ability to think analytically. He has worked internationally for more than 25 years in fields including: Big Data, Startups, E-commerce, Financial Services and Cloud/SaaS. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn

    James McLeman

    James McLeman

    Co-Founder/Director of Technology

    James has specialized in the high volume document management industry for the last 15 years. His expertise spans the areas of document composition, archiving, printing and conversion. He is an expert in integrations of complex Cloud and premises-based solutions. Connect with James on LinkedIn

    Christoff Breytenbach

    Christoff Breytenbach

    Chief Security Officer

    Christoff is Principal Consultant & Founder at Partners Consult, a provider of professional information security services and solutions. Partners Consult services an international list of clients. Christoff acts as AIRDOCS CSO and has established our security policy framework and our data security infrastructure. Connect with Christoff on LinkedIn

    Chris O'Donoghue

    Chris O'Donoghue

    Head of Cloud Operations

    Chris is a highly proficient, strategically minded and customer focused leader. A Cloud operations expert with the ability to form strong working relationships with colleagues, senior management, clients and vendors. I have a commitment to start-up and social enterprises and revel in the challenges this brings. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

    Richard Woock

    Richard Woock

    Chief Operating Officer

    An experienced and skilled manager committed to consistently achieving the right outcomes for business and teams. Managed complex projects and million dollar budgets. Able to direct, negotiate and motivate individuals, executives and teams to excel and commit to a winning result. Connect with Richard on   LinkedIn

    Judy So

    Judy So

    Chief Legal Advisor

    Judy graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Economics (Accounting & Financial Econometrics) and a Bachelor of Laws, and has a strong background in commercial law. Judy was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW in 2010 and is a dynamic team player. Connect with Judy on LinkedIn

    Neil Parker

    Neil Parker

    Chief Financial Advisor

    Neil is the founder and Managing Director of BridgePoint Group, a professional services firm providing advice and services to high potential private companies. Neil has guided AIRDOCS corporate operating structure to deliver optimum outcomes for all stakeholders in our business. Connect with Neil on LinkedIn

  • Email & Phone

    Business Hours Mon-Fri AEST


    +61 2 8294 8394

  • Video Marketing

    Tell your story using the most engaging media - video is 70% of all Internet traffic

    AIRDOCS makes customer messaging a competitive advantage

    AIRDOCS - you need to start using video marketing

    AIRDOCS video ad for Petsure

    AIRDOCS personalized video marketing example

    AIRDOCS makes your communications come alive

    SaaS for Bank CMOs who value customer experience

    How to achieve Mass Intimacy with AIRDOCS

    Airdocs: Agile, data-driven, digital marketing using Automated Intelligent Relevance (A.I.R.)

    CSF® in the AIRDOCS Cloud (CSF is a registered mark of FIS Global)

    Wanting to Achieve Mass Intimacy - try Messaging That Engages

    Get Your Marketing System Back in the Groove

    Marketing agility - Launch Your Campaign in < 7 Days

    AIRDOCS - It's Like a Breath of Fresh A.I.R. (Automated Intelligent Relevance)

    Digital Messaging by AIRDOCS - save a bucket-load of cash

    AIRDOCS aligns perfectly with your customer strategy

    AIRDOCS customer marketing from the Azure Cloud

  • Be the 10x Marketer

    We have to break the habit of rushing into solution-mode...Creative tension starts with research. “Supposing is good, finding out is better” — so said the patron Saint of UX, Mark Twain


    Like some help with establishing your 10xMarketer team? Please get in touch.



    One of the hallmarks of an agile software team is a continuous, transparent feedback loop across development and operations – a culture known as DevOps. A truly agile marketing team will have a similar collaborative culture – ‘MarkOps’, if you will – to rapidly identifying and solving problems.


    Testing not Perfection

    The agile marketer has to monitor, analyze and, crucially, adapt. Real-time marketing means real-time adapting – not ‘today’ or ‘this week’. Now. You can’t a afford to be committed to solving a problem when more urgent and important factors emerge. The goal is test often and don't aim for "perfection". Move faster than your competition.



    Digital marketing tools empower agile marketers to respond instantly to change and run quick iterations, with the data telling you what works for your customers – and for your organization. If your company can't supply the technology you need to be Agile, then get what you need from the Cloud. SaaS is a 10xMarketer's best friend.


    Data is King

    By constantly conducting and analyzing numerous small experiments, you can gain true insight into what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to evolve your strategy as the landscape changes. Your tech toolkit has to include capturing engagement data. Once you have the data there are loads of easy ways to analyze and gain insights.



    You can't solve all the problems, there are typically just too many, so prioritize and tackle those that could deliver the greatest return. The decisions on priorities are subjective for everyone, so find a process to allow all stakeholders to have their views heard. A really simple solution: use Typeform.com and survey stakeholders on what gets prioritized. A great and fast way to set the priorities for your Agile sprints.


    Embrace Sprints

    One of the key principles of agile software development is the idea of ‘continuous delivery’. It’s a contrast to the old way of struggling for months or years to deliver a complete and perfect application that’s out of date by launch. Iteration, not perfection, is a good watchword for the agile marketer. It means having lots of ideas, the means to test them quickly, monitor the results and and make relevant decisions to prevent future problems. Each idea becomes a sprint.


    Always Optimize

    You hypothesize the changes have solved the problem but could be optimized by testing iterations. You have two choices.

    1. Don’t test and move to the next project
    2. Test and squeeze all remaining value from your work

    This is where the principle of A/B, or multivariate testing really comes into its own. Real- time testing of two or more options is an unbeatable way to understand which option has the greatest impact in terms of meeting KPIs.


    Prepare to Fail

    One of the most important aspects of running an Agile Mark-ops team is embracing a culture of "fail-fast". The brilliant sounding idea might work, on the other hand what if it fails? better to have an environment and culture that tolerates failure as long as there are learnings and it happens fast. That’s why we hate ‘best practice’. It means doing what everyone else is doing. It means toeing the line and being six months behind the curve – and feeling comfortable there.

  • Connect with your Customers.

    Add personalized video to your customer messaging mix.



      Your customers want to feel loved. It's no longer good enough to send generic messages. Plain text or even html just doesn't cut through the noise. Add personalized video to your customer messaging mix.


      Contact AIRDOCS now and schedule a demonstration of the power of personalizing your customer messaging.


      The business problems we solve:

      1. Template rationalization and rewrite
      2. Multi channel delivery - print/post and digital (email, sms, video, customer document portal)
      3. Document archive/retrieval
      4. Mailhouse efficiencies - reduce costs
      5. Customer satisfaction - reduce churn, increase NPS
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